Ancillary equipment

ITACOR designs, builds and supplies equipment for the galvanizing plant:

  • acid storage systems
  • flux regeneration systems
  • H.A.R.U. (hydrochloric acid regeneration unit)
  • dross grab buckets
  • centrifugal machines
  • aerial / ground handling

Acid storage

Systems designed according to the customer’s logistics and needs for managing pickling solutions (storage, transfer, loading, unloading).


Flux regeneration systems

Stand-alone systems designed to regenerate the fluxing solution in order to eliminate the iron contained in the zinc bath and to minimise the production of slag in the galvanizing tank. Filtration can be through static filter bags or modern filter presses.


Hydrochloric Acid Regeneration Unit

Hydrochloric acid regeneration units (H.A.R.U.) are stand-alone units for the generation of spent pickling acids.

In collaboration with its partner SOPRIN s.r.lITACOR has developed a plug-in system, pre-assembled in one or more 20” containers; a patented additive marketed by SOPRIN s.r.l separates and removes the iron salts contained in the spent acids. These salts are then “regenerated” and reused with pickling speeds even higher than the original. Thus, the consumption of acid is drastically reduced and the processing residue (iron salt, not harmful) can be easily disposed of.

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Dross grab buckets

Machines for the removal of slag (matte) deposited on the bottom of the galvanizing tank.



Stand-alone machines for the post-galvanizing centrifugation of small metal parts.


Aerial / ground handling

Overhead cranes, hoisting winches, shuttles, motorised roller conveyors.

Other categories of equipment

Explore our products: from zinc ash recovery units to environmental protection plants.

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