ITACOR designs and builds specific equipment to withstand the particularly aggressive nature of zinc in its molten state and develops the technologies required to prepare for the galvanizing process. In particular:

  • coil heat exchangers
  • pre-treatment tanks
  • thermocouples with ARMCO barriers
  • oil skimmers

Coil heat exchangers

Special heat exchangers with polypropylene structure and HDPE exchange coil, sized to measure for the pre-treatment tanks.


Pre-treatment tanks

Tanks of variable dimensions, with carbon steel structure and clad inside and partially outside with polypropylene sheets welded on site, equipped with flanged bottom drains and oil-skimming drawers.


Thermocouples with ARMCO barriers

J/K thermocouples for measuring the temperature inside the molten zinc mass, fitted with special ARMCO pure iron sheath shaped to adhere to the profile of the tank and equipped with DIN B connection head.


Oil skimmers

Coalescence filtering systems designed to separate oils, hydrocarbons, grease and other residues from the solutions contained in the pre-treatment tanks.

Other categories of equipment

Explore our products: from zinc ash recovery units to environmental protection plants.

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