Galvanizing of small parts

ITACOR designs and builds galvanizing plants for small parts and bolts, with centrifugation of pieces up to 1.80m in length and 300 kg in weight. These types of materials require galvanizing plants specifically designed to guarantee excellent galvanizing performance, which is difficult to achieve with standard galvanizing plants.


Galvanizing of small parts

As in the case of standard galvanizing, the layout and management of the plants for small parts are customised according to the customer’s needs:

  • manual or automatic pre-treatment line, in crates or in barrels;
  • tunnel or rotary (with internal drum) drying and preheating;
  • galvanizing in a reverberatory furnace with ceramic basin or classic metal basin;
  • classic or suspended centrifuge;
  • post-treatment and finishing plants.

Reverberatory furnace

The reverberatory furnace with ceramic basin is a special type of galvanizing furnace where the mass of molten zinc is not in direct contact with the metal tank, so it is possible to work at higher temperatures than normal. This ensures higher quality and reduces the need to clean the pieces after the galvanizing process.

The reverberatory furnace is particularly suitable for special applications such as galvanizing of small parts, bolts, nuts and other delicate pieces; the better quality of the galvanizing process is offset by a lower productivity compared to a classic furnace with  metal tank and dimensional limitations (it cannot exceed a depth of 180 cm) due to the efficiency of heat transmission.

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