General galvanizing

ITACOR designs and builds hot-dip galvanizing plants in many different layouts, suitable for general metallic carpentry. We can start from the free ground or adapt the layouts and, therefore, the operating logics of the plant to existing buildings.

The guidelines behind our design are maximum performance, ease of use, reliability and operating safety.


Power stations

A typical supply may include a transformation station from medium to low voltage, a main distribution board (power center) with power factor correction, all complemented by a power backup system (UPS and emergency generator) for privileged utilities (furnace, movement) which must not stop in case of power failure.


Logistics / Handling

Not only overhead movement of materials (overhead cranes, winches on monorails, exchange stations) and ground movement (shuttles), but also hooking/unhooking stations with roller conveyors and manipulators. Lifting and handling equipment is designed to withstand the use and aggressive atmosphere typical of galvanizing factories and can be equipped with weighing systems.


Chemical pre-treatment

Chemical pre-treatment can be carried out in open baths or confined inside a cabin made of acid-resistant materials and equipped with suitable systems for the extraction and abatement of acid fumes, where the materials enter and exit through automatic doors of various types.


Drying / Heat recovery

Pit dryers for hot air drying/preheating of the materials to be galvanized, complete with equipment to recover the heat from combustion fumes of the galvanizing furnace.


Galvanizing furnace

The galvanizing furnace is the heart of a galvanizing plant and the starting point for the sizing and analysis of other sections of the plant. ITACOR has developed as a proprietary technology – unique in the world – the multi-flame furnace for the best performance.

The multi-flame furnace is designed and built in accordance with European standards for gas equipment EN 746-1, 746-2, 746-4, 676. It can consume up to 20% less than any other galvanizing furnace thanks to the management of zone heating and the configuration of its micro-burners distributed evenly over the entire extension of the side surfaces of the tank. This guarantees regular and uniform heating for even temperature distribution inside the molten zinc mass. The life of the galvanizing tank is also extended (on average more than 10 years for multi-flame furnaces), whose replacement has always been a costly and labour-consuming operation, and the furnace is managed in a very versatile manner, adapting the heating to the load variations.

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Collection systems

Collection, suction and abatement systems for white galvanizing fumes: in fixed cabin version for longitudinal galvanizing tanks or with descending curtains for transversal tanks. The abatement occurs in a dry manner with self-cleaning sleeve filters free from lime, or in a wet manner with single-stage or multiple-stage scrubbers.



Cooling plants for freshly galvanized products, with cooling tank and evaporation tower and automatic water recirculation system; special plants for post-treatment of the galvanizing against white rust (“passivation”) without the use of chrome.

Other categories of equipment

Explore our products: from zinc ash recovery units to environmental protection plants.

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