Plants revamping

In order to reduce air emissions and reduce energy consumption, ITACOR can intervene on request on obsolete or already existing plants, providing customers with its knowledge and expertise in the design and construction

  • white smoke extraction sub-installations
  • acid fume extraction sub-installations
  • heat recovery sub-installations

White smoke extraction

Vacuum suction booths, centrifugal fans, bag filters specific for hot-dip galvanizing and connection lines.


Acid fume extraction

Containment cabins made of corrosion-resistant material, anti-corrosion fans, acid fume abatement systems.


Heat recovery

Approximately 30% of the heat generated by the galvanizing furnace is lost with the exhaust fumes: part of this heat can be recovered by means of shell and tube heat exchangers to generate hot air useful for heating the drying/preheating furnace or for other uses. The exchangers are automatically managed by a special electric panel, where it is possible to record the temperatures of the incoming and outgoing currents in order to verify the recovery system’s heat balance in real time.

Other categories of equipment

Explore our products: from zinc ash recovery units to environmental protection plants.

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