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ITACOR srl designs, builds and installs industrial plants for hot dip galvanizing and other auxiliary technological systems for the same field all over the world.

ITACOR is able to assist the customer in the choice and development of the plant according to the needs and flexibility of future use, then transferring the plant engineering and operating know-how in the hot dip galvanizing sector to the end user.



ITACOR is the perfect partner for all your hot-dip galvanizing needs: from information, quotes and estimates to the running of the plant.



ITACOR designs the supplied systems from A to Z, from civil works to structures, to plant services, including design of the automation, safety devices, internal logistics, environmental impacts and fire prevention aspects. A complete, all-encompassing service, guaranteed by the Bisol brand's fifty years of experience: galvanizers before being plant manufacturers.

The galvanizing plants manufactured by ITACOR come with the EC declaration of conformity in accordance with Annex IIA of Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and comply with the strictest Community standards, harmonised standards and technical regulations for the sector. If necessary, ITACOR collaborates with the customer to obtain local conformity certifications (Gost-R / EAC for the Eurasian Economic Union and CSI) and develops the project to meet the standards of other markets (USA, Canada, etc.) working with reliable accredited certification bodies in the countries of destination.

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Once the design has been completed, ITACOR manages all the aspects that go into the construction of the plant. It directly deals with the construction of the galvanizing furnace and relies on trusted partners with proven skills in the various sectors to build the other parts of the plant. The whole plant is then packed in sturdy wooden crates or cages with HT phytosanitary treatment, ready for shipment.



ITACOR assists customers during all the assembly activities of its plants, sending to the site teams of specialised supervisors coordinated by a project manager, who are able to complete the assembly work quickly and efficiently.



ITACOR also takes care of the final testing and commissioning of the equipment it supplies, working with the customer if special procedures are required to comply with local regulations.



ITACOR provides both technical training (for technicians and maintenance workers) and training on how to operate the machine (for end users). Once the plant has been assembled and put into operation, ITACOR is available to carry out training to teach the customer's personnel how to use and maintain its plants.



Its 50 years of experience in the world of hot-dip galvanizing acquired as Bisol Zincoimpianti, enable ITACOR to assist customers throughout the entire life of its plants, even after the warranty has expired. We send specialised personnel directly to your premises to analyse and resolve any problems if normal communication channels or remote assistance are not sufficient. We also promptly supply any type of spare part for the plants we have built.

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